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Cancer care in India

What is Cancer?

Cancer, although is a well-known topic around the world, there is still a lot you might not be aware of that can help you reduce the risk of falling prey to the dreaded disease. Cancer is the first leading cause of death in underdeveloped nations and the second leading cause of death in developed nations.

Many times due to poor diet, the absence of information and knowledge and the excessive cost of cancer treatment, the majority of those who develop cancer do not survive the illness.

However, medical science has made some amazing progress over the last few decades and thankfully cancer is now treatable to a satisfactory extent. Expert oncologists around the world stress that early detection is very important for managing cancer.

Know the essential facts about Cancer

While there might be several upgradations for medical technologies and skilled expertise in treating cancer, the ‘word’ itself still contains a great amount of apprehension in everyone’s mind and most of us do not know what to do to save a life from cancer.

Instead, it is time realize what you can do at this moment to bring down the risk of developing cancer and keep it away from taking your life or the life of somebody you care for. Recognize what you can do to battle this illness and win.

What you need is a complete knowledge about facts of cancer. Who is most at risk? What elements increase the risk of the disease? What would you be able to do to get or stay cancer-free? Here are the 11 most important cancer facts you need to know right now.

Prevention: Medical specialists all over the world have asserted that over 50 % of the cancer-related deaths are avoidable. In 2012, the World Health Organisation (WHO) attributed that there were over 2 million cancer deaths globally. A conjoined effort to create awareness needs to be done in order to achieve the prevention.

Hereditary attributes: As a matter of fact, few cancers (between 5-10%) have a hereditary connection. At times, when your cancer specialists say that most cancers are genetic, they are not being honest. However, there is a tendency for cancers to share environmental risk factors. Hence, a  proper diet, physical exercise, and an overall cleansing, is essential for every member of the family.

Environmental Contamination: Ecological factors such as the air we breathe, the food we consume, the water we drink are all important factors in determining our risk of cancer. Excessive pollution and toxins in the surrounding and even in our home and workplace can increase our exposure to cancer. The idea is to find out now and reduce the pollution around in the best possible way.

Smoking: Over 90% of all lung disease cases are initiated by smoking and 22% of all cancer deaths are because of lung cancer because of smoking. Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer around the world. Survival rates for lung growth are under 20% and in case you are a smoker who inhales toxins in your workplace, the chance of survival drops to a little more than 3%. On an average, someone suffers death due to lung cancer every 30 seconds.

Rest: Lack of sleep – characterized as getting less than six hours of rest for each day – builds your danger of colon cancer. The advantage of healthy sleep and rest is a standout amongst the most little of approaches to keep your body cancer free.

Children: Cancer among children represent alarming figures with more than 40 kids diagnosed with cancer every day in the U.S. alone and 175,000 thousand children being diagnosed worldwide for the diseases every year. Cancer is the number one reason of death among children.


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