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Why Are You Not Getting The Number Of Patients You Want At Your Practice? 

Business is great...but it could be better, right? You have a faithful group of patients, but a few more would really take your physician practice to the next level. You’re doing all the typical things other doctors are doing, but you can’t quite seem to stand apart from your competitors? The following information will help you retain the patients you already have and give you an advantage over your competition in attracting new patients. 

Appointment Reminders 

We live in a fast-paced, information era where the majority of people tend to keep their heads buried in their phones. What can you do to grab their attention? Appointment Reminders. Sending out text or phone call reminders about an upcoming appointment that was scheduled months ago refreshes the patient’s mind; as well as cut down on your no-show percentage. 

Stay On Top Of Social Media 

With sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter distracting your patient throughout the day, make sure you’re part of the conversation. A strong social media presence is key. Whether you’re showcasing a new procedure, talking about your new promotion for teeth cleaning, or simply explaining a new part of the Affordable Care Act, stay engaged with your patients. Make your practice seem inviting and even fun! 

Create Fast Surveys 

Noticed the keyword is FAST surveys. People are impatient and want to get in and out as fast as possible. After the patient’s visit, either email or text (preferred) a short survey to see what the patient thought about their experience and what they would change about your practice. A friendlier staff, better music in the waiting room, or coloring books for children; simple to you, but could be a major factor in why they choose another practitioner over you. 

Provide Digital Platforms In Your Waiting Room  

You know what’s nerve-racking? Waiting for the nurse or doctor to call your name as you sit in a room full of other patients. TVs and magazines in waiting rooms aren’t going to cut it anymore (remember we’re in a digital age), invest in tablets that keep the patient engaged so that they do not notice the wait. Tablets are a great way for patients to tell you about their symptoms, pay their copay, or review other services you may offer. 

Provide A Patient Portal 

It is imperative that you have a patient portal installed in your office. A patient portal is an online account where patients can pull up important medical records, make payments, and even schedule/reschedule appointments. This is great for the patient as well as your front office staff. It gives your office team more time to file and assist you in other capacities. 

Create A Newsletter 

Creating a monthly or quarterly newsletter keeps your patients up to date with your practice. You can write about ANYTHING! Where your family went on vacation, the latest diabetes medicine, the best way to teach kids to brush their teeth, the possibilities are endless! This newsletter in their inbox not only creates a personal connection with you and the patient, but it also helps to remind the patient, “oh yea! I need to schedule my check- up”. 

Remember Personal Dates 

This is by far one of the simplest things you can do. Place the patient’s birthday in a database and simply remember to email or text them happy birthday! Have a patient whose entire family has been coming to your practice for years? Jot down his wedding anniversary as well! Remembering personal facts about your patient not only retains them due to your connection but could also help that husband stay out of trouble if he forgot his anniversary :) 

Be Yourself 

You’d be surprised at how many doctors don’t smile throughout the patient’s visit. I know you’re a fun person who enjoys the simple things in life and helping people, or else you wouldn’t be in the healthcare profession. Take the time during each visit for the patients to get to know who you are, see your sense of humor, confide in you, or simply share their day with you. Communication goes a long way! I switched doctors once because I felt my doctor wasn’t engaging when we spoke. 

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