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Free online marketing for healthcare

The internet is a huge content marketing platform because information drives the internet. Since healthcare professionals and business have expertise and experience based knowledge they have plenty to share. Sharing knowledge in form of articles, videos or other readily consumable content is the key to marketing your business or even promoting your healthcare career online for free. Here are 10 tips for free online marketing for your healthcare business.

1. Build a well designed website that is search engine friendly and communicates your value proposition. Search engines are the best source of free internet promotion.

2. Add blog features to your website. This is how you will share your knowledge and get discovered by providing value to others. Blog as often as you can about relevant topics that are useful and interesting to your audience. Invite other experts to blog on your website. Content is king on the internet.

3. Learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). Do not spend a lot of money on SEO companies. Great and relevant content, right keywords, proper title, and description is mostly all you need. 

There is no magic or SEO trick for getting on page one of Google search results. Write good content and it will get discovered. Do not lose sleep over being on page one of Google search results because people also look at other Google search results pages for the information they need.

4. Use niche healthcare networks to increase your visibility because members of these networks are your customers or referral base. Therefore, visibility on healthcare networks helps you showcase your expertise to a captive healthcare audience. If the network allows you to publish articles and add a link to your website then take advantage of the opportunity.

Some niche networks share articles with their members via newsletters and some even market content on other social networks and media outlets (see our publication page). This is free promotion you can leverage simply by publishing an article.

5. Build your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  and Google+ pages and post your content and relevant content from other sources. Engage others and be interesting. Note that sharing your content on large social networks (especially Google+) helps your search engine rankings. 

Avoid spending all your time and resources on large networks. Research shows that most people use a search engine first when they are looking for health information. Moreover, engagement on these networks is very low so be prepared to put in a lot of effort if you are only relying on the large social networks.

6. Leverage YouTube, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and other sources of free exposure. 

7. Use email to send blogs to your network in case your friends, family, and colleagues missed your social media post.

8. Use Google Adwords to research the best keywords for your content. Google Adwords is free and you can do it yourself.

9. Use your traffic analytics tool to see how people find your website, what they are doing on your website, and what they find interesting. Use the data to figure out how to develop content and which channels your audience favor.

10. Focus on engaging your audience, be genuine, and most of all share your knowledge and provide value to your future customers.

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