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Possible Career Paths in the Medical Field

If you are a young person trying to decide on a stable and lucrative career field, consider medicine and healthcare.  As one possibility, if you’re looking for a career in need of many people to fill vacancies, look no further than nursing: according to Healthline, the United States is projected to need one million new nurses over the next five years.  That’s a lot of nurses!  The reason for this is due to a combination of factors: along with a 20 percent increase in new nursing positions, there are also many Baby boomer-era nurses planning to retire by the year 2020.  Keep in mind, however, that being a nurse is a high-stress position, so you’ll have to find ways to balance your energy such as yoga, walking, meditation, and journaling—as well as making time for friends and family.

Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine or Midwifery

If you opt to become a nurse practitioner, you could specialize in family medicine or midwifery.  There’s certainly enough demand for both; birth specialist positions, especially, are in urgent need of attention, as there are a number of countries and regions of the world in desperate need of nursing staff.  Going into midwifery, family practice or women’s health offers the opportunity to manage your own clinic, as well as the option to treat women.  Moreover, the job stability is good, due to renewed interest in home birth and natural birthing practices. 

Work Abroad as a Nurse 

If you’re interested in opportunities outside the United States, nations engaged in war, such as Afghanistan, are especially in need of female doctors and nurses.  This is because many women refuse to see male doctors for anything related to reproduction or gynecology, for religious reasons.  Luckily, organizations such as Doctors Without Borders (a.k.a. Medecins Sans Frontieres) do important work in many war-torn countries.  For example, they run a hospital in Khost, where they provide free maternal care to women who need it.  The absence of cost is important since the usual cost of delivering a baby is prohibitive to many women in need of prenatal care.  This cost factor drives some women to attempt delivery at home, with potentially disastrous consequences. 


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