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Therapeutic treatment of neuropathy

Therapeutic treatment for neuropathy is geared towards curing the neuropathy or stopping the neuropathy from getting worse by medically managing the cause of the neuropathy. Because there are a number of causes of neuropathy, there are several different approaches to therapeutic treatment. Prior to the initiation of therapeutic treatment for neuropathy, your doctor will do a thorough medical examination, and possibly order some tests to determine the cause or causes of your neuropathy. 

  • Treatment of diabetic neuropathy is focused on maintaining good blood glucose control. Treatment of pharmacologically induced neuropathy is focused on discontinuing the responsible medication, if possible. 

  • Treatment of compressive neuropathy is focused on relieving the compression, usually through surgery.  

  • One of the most rapidly progressive and dangerous types of neuropathy, Guillan Barre Syndrome, requires strong immunosuppressive treatment and respiratory support. 

What is the prognosis for neuropathy?

If the cause of neuropathy is quickly diagnosed and medically treated, then the neuropathy may improve. However, most of the time, when the cause is diagnosed and treated, the neuropathy remains stable and does not improve. That is because nerves do not heal well after they have been damaged. Most of the time, medical treatment of neuropathy is more effective at preventing further nerve damage than in reversing or repairing nerve damage that has already occurred. When the cause of neuropathy is not treated, then the neuropathic disease almost always worsens. 

If neuropathy worsens, the sensory loss can have serious consequences. People who cannot feel their feet often suffer from frequent injuries and wounds that become infected, potentially requiring amputation. And when the peripheral neuropathy causes weakness, this leads to severe problems with walking and balance. 

Overall, peripheral neuropathy is a serious condition that is best managed and stabilized if it is diagnosed and medically treated during the early stages. 


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