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Regardless of which medical career field you have embarked on study time is a precious commodity. Between classes, labs, clinic, and taking care of personal and home responsibilities (like eating, sleeping, doing laundry, etc), finding time to study can seem difficult if not impossible. Many students see travel time or the few spare minutes of time between classes or errands or while waiting on laundry to finish as time they could be studying but dragging around one’s textbooks can be inconvenient. For those learning surgical procedures or to use surgical instruments there are iPhone apps that will allow them to take advantage of those few moments of downtime to study without textbooks.

General Surgery Instruments iPhone / iPod Touch App – This app shows 130 of the most common general surgical instruments, held in hand so students can see the proper hold and size in perspective while in use. The instruments are organized by name and type for easy reference. Each instrument is also described and the learner is introduced to how the tool is intended to be used in surgery.

Surgical Pimpapalooza 2.0 – A database of questions and answers that replace the handbooks many residents carry with them on rounds. The questions are divided into basic science and clinical sections then are further divided into subsections to aid quick referencing. In addition to giving students immediate access to information, they also can quiz themselves with rapid fire questions without the urgency and pressure of actual verbal quizzing while on rounds or in class.

Surgical Anatomy 1.1 – This app features 180 images taken from the 68 color plates from Joseph Maclise’s textbook of the same name. All annotations and notes from the original text have been preserved in this application in order to clarify the drawings and provide more information about the plates. The plates are completely searchable and are easily navigated. This app contains the complete text and illustrations, allowing students to have access to an anatomy book on their iPhone or iPad.

Surgical Logbook 1.6.2 – Replacing the need for paper logbooks, this app allows users to keep track of surgeries, roles, and outcomes for each experience in an electronic database format. Portable and user friendly, all experiences are can be logged and retrieved quickly for future reference. Photos can be added to help reference procedures. All statistics can be filtered based on procedure, role, or surgeon for easier access and organization of data. As the app is password protected, all data is kept secure.

Surgical Procedures 1.0.0 – This flashcard formatted app allows students to study 80 different procedures either by name or description. Cards can be sorted so students can study missed terms more often or ignore terms they have already mastered. Cards can be shuffled in order to provide a random study experience. It is perfect for preparing for tests and quizzes. At any point, cards that have been sorted can be put back into the main deck for a more complete review of procedures.

Students enrolled in programs of study in medical fields have a vast amount of information to memorize yet seemingly little time in which to accomplish this task. By having access to their study materials on their mobile devices, they are able to use spare time to study or review. These apps also allow students to have access to needed reference materials quickly and in a convenient format regardless of whether they are in class, on rounds, or during study sessions.

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